Summary and Ice Breaker Debuts

Cory chaired the final meeting in May and our VanCore Toastmasters club continues to grow with healthy attendance of enthusiastic speakers.  Roles were quickly assigned by Cory and upon recognition of all present the meeting speeches proceeded with Connie’s, ever enticing, inspiration about “Pride and an African Philanthropist in Zimbabwe”. (Does she ever not have an amazing story?)  Cory provided the “Word Of The Day which was “skerr”, an adverb that means to go rapidly. Double-latte to anyone who manages to use THAT in a sentence this week.

The three speaking spots were all filled.  Two new members bravely did their Ice Breakers:  Cai Qiu, a software developer with incredible knowledge in that field, and philosophical Abrahan Barriga who reads in four languages. (Wow!)  Out-going President of the Sunrise Rotary Club in Richmond, Mary Lou Miles, rehearsed her heartfelt appreciation speech in which she acknowledged and thanked the board of directors and the membership for their  wonderful encouragement, support and cooperation throughout her term as their president.

Excellent, meaningful and to-the-point evaluations for the three speeches were given by Debra, Angela and Connie.  I predict that in the next annual Evaluation Contest Carla will have competition from within our Vancore club.

Borzo’s highly successful, non-thematic Table Topics were thoroughly enjoyed by all as participants aimed to fill their two-minute impromptu.  Topics ranging from Pacific Rim Coffee vs Starbucks to Brazilian beer, and pets.

Connie evaluated the table topics session, Debra was in charge of timing and Susan hardly heard any ums and ahs.  We are getting better all the time.

Special announcement were made by Immediate-Past-President/Club Secretary, Jonathan Buchanan.  With the ending of the current term at the end of this month, the election of a new Board of Directors will take place at the next meeting, on June 6th.  All are invited to attend and participate in the proceedings.

About Vancore Toastmasters

Build your public speaking and leadership skills at a dynamic mid-week, mid-day downtown Vancouver Toastmasters club.
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