About Us

We are group of young self-starters who want improve our communication skills. Members are encouraged to use the meeting format to practice work-related, or personal, presentations in a safe and supportive atmosphere. The club is small, but dynamic, friendly, yet business oriented.

Mission of a Toastmasters Club (www.toastmasters.org)

The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.


Why Meet at 3:00 pm?

We’re the ONLY CLUB that meets mid-afternoon. It’s a time perfectly suited for people who…

a) are less productive in the afternoons. Taking a break from regular work and tasks to attend Vancore meetings has the effect of upleveling creativity, energy and focus back at work.

b) have a flexible schedule that allows them to work through lunch and take this time for self-development.

c) have an employer who believes in the proven method of Toastmasters and will invest 75 minutes each week for you to develop important skills.

d) are self-employed or unemployed and understand the importance of having a supportive group for networking, self-development and growing their skills.

d) believe evenings are for doing fun things and being home with family. 

3:00 PM is a perfect time to come to Toastmasters. Studies show that productive office work tends to crater after this time. People start zoning out on the Web or playing Angry Birds on their Smartphone. Isn’t it better to USE that tail end of the workday, for some fun and social self-development?

Increasingly, smart employers who recognize the value of developing their employees’ speaking skills, will give you the time off to attend Toastmasters meeting in the afternoon — and may even pay your dues.

Stick with this, develop world-beating speaking skills, and soon you’ll be running your own company. And then YOU can set the hours

Invest in Yourself! 

Join Vancore Toastmasters

$168 for 12 months of weekly meetings, plus
One-time $30 sign-up fee for the manuals

Works out to only $14 per month investment to build a valuable skill!