Anyone want to give an impromptu speech?

For many, the question is like a stake of fear to the heart. But if you’re a Toastmaster, it’s chum in the water.

Because stage time is what it’s all about, and stage time you weren’t expecting to get today is a beautiful thing.

This week Michael seized the spot left by a speaker who didn’t show up. He spoke about how traveling changed his life.

“Gotta tell you, in the beginning I was nervous to travel – even more nervous than I was at public speaking.”

But once he got some passport stamps behind him, the fear subsided.

New Zealand by hippie bus.

Snorkeling on Australia’s great barrier reef.

Camel trekking in the Moroccan desert.

The beach culture in Goa, India.

As the adventures piled up, so did Michael’s confidence. From time to time, when his funds dipped dangerously low, his mother fronted him a couple hundred bucks.

The moral: “Get out there,” Michael said. “Take every opportunity to explore, even if it means scrimping and saving the rest of the time.”

So profound was the impact of those early adventures that he has organized his life around experiences rather than things.

But that’s not the real moral. The real moral is: when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about, fear doesn’t have a chance.

This can motivate you to move forward with your speaking even in the face of fear.

What is your important goal that’s challenging?

What would it mean to you if you achieved the goal or overcame the challenge?


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