Sharing Stories: A World Journey Icebreaker

“At the end of every road you meet yourself.” So said the playwright S.N. Behrman.

Fortunately, introductions also come at the BEGINNING of the road.

In Toastmasters we call it the Icebreaker. And it’s one of the best part of the Toastmasters education program as we take the first step in building our speaking confidence.

The Icebreaker is your first speech on your public speaking journey. For five-to-seven, members speak about the one subject about which they are the absolute, uncontested world-wide authority: themselves. We are treated to an interesting story and we get to know the person behind the speaker.

This week, Quentin, one of Vancore’s newest members, regaled us with the tale of his own life journey, from Paris to Vancouver. “I’ve spent an awful lot of time in libraries,” he said, and backed it up with the visual evidence: there he was, looking studious, in the exquisite reading room of a beautiful French university.

(Note: Take selfies: you never know when you’re going to be called on to give an icebreaker speech.)

Flash forward to the next stop on the road: Hong Kong, where he worked in the import/export business (scratching his travel itch further — while meeting his life partner in the bargain.

In the last slide we saw him beachside at the sailing club in Vancouver — where we hope he remains a good long time, sharpening his speaking chops in Toastmasters.

What a world journey that Quentin shared with us through story and a photo presentation!

Learning to share our lives with others, whether through experiences or sharing our stories, is the path to bliss. And that’s why we think Toastmasters is the best personal development program!

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