Let’s Talk Food Stories

“Make your favourite meal for us!”

If you’ve ever been asked to do that — in words, not beans and butter — you know how hard it is.

But the folks who took on this week’s Table Topics question rose to the challenge.

Nidia made us the traditional Mexican dish of pozoles, and we could taste the red chilis and the hominy corn.

Liza rolled out a pizza — loaded with double cheese and burnished with her secret ingredient: hot sauce.

Quentin made us the ultimate picnic sandwich (hint: it’s all about the bread.)

Those little food stories ended up being a highlight of the meeting.

And that’s saying something on a day when one of our new members, Louis, delivered a crackerjack icebreaker that established himself as just possibly The World’s Most Interesting Man.

We discovered these mouth-watering stories as an expression of our sensory experiences.

The more powerful the story behind our food choices, the more it evokes a memory, which in turn enhances the flavour.

Come try out your stories and hear others’ stories come alive.

Who knows what’ll be on the menu!  

Join our weekly Wednesday meetings at 3:30 PM PST!

Guests are always welcome!

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