UP CLOSE: Vincent Cua, Vancore Past President


Vincent Cua: Past President, Vancore Toastmasters


Vincent Cua, a proud member of Vancore for over two years, recently completed his 2015-2016 term as president of Vancore.

Our enthusiastic and hard-working past president took some time to reflect on his very busy year and some of the inner workings that make up Vancore.


Q & A with VINCENT

What made you decide to run for president of Vancore?

I wanted to have a say in how our club interacts with our Toastmasters Area and other clubs. I had a good experience as the club’s Sergeant at Arms the previous year and wanted to help the club in other areas, as I very much want our club to succeed.

What were the highlights of your term?

I am happy to report that Vancore earned the club Select Distinguished status as a result of accumulating 7 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points.

It has been a good learning experience getting to know and work with the club officers. I learned about myself in a leadership role. I have better awareness of my personal strengths, such as being hands-on and my ability to adapt as roles and needs arise. I also learned of areas where I can improve such as delegation and inspiration.

Vancore has a reputation of being a strong and resilient club despite the ebbs and flows of membership and I am proud to have made a contribution.

 What were some challenges?

It was challenging to find the time to fully commit to the club. There are many tasks that need to done behind the scenes for weekly meetings to run smoothly, and to make for a successful club. Since I like being hands-on, I took on more roles and tasks than I was able to manage with my time. If I were to do things differently, I would focus on delegating many of the tasks and spend time enabling the executive team to perform their responsibilities.

Some areas for club improvement include implementing member feedback and putting a system in place to help the executive learn their roles.

What do you feel you have accomplished?

I’m happy to have lead the club earn club Select Distinguished status as a result of accumulating 7 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points through various club activities and initiatives.

We have taken steps to put new energy back into the club following some turnover over the past few years. The participation of many new members has been encouraging. Over the past few months, we initiated club Moments of Truth and a membership survey to actively improve the club so members get the most from their membership and participation at meetings.

How will you continue to be involved with Vancore?

I will move on to serve as the club’s Vice President of Education, in charge of making sure members have mentors to help them with their goals, organizing club contests, and encouraging the club to continue to work through their manuals and improve their communication skills.

Thank you, Vincent, for your leadership and hard work in making a Vancore a better club for members. We wish you all the best as you progress into your next leadership role!


VANCORE OFFICERS for 2016-2017 

President – Jonathan Buchanan

Vice President of Education – Vincent Cua

Vice President of Membership – Connie Hubbs

Vice President of Public Relations – Debra Jang

Treasurer – Kate Hallanzy

Secretary – Rei Tamori

Sergeant at Arms – Miki Aizawa


Many of your Vancore officers attend each meeting. Reach out to us if you have questions about the club and how to get the most out of each meeting.

About Vancore Toastmasters

Build your public speaking and leadership skills at a dynamic mid-week, mid-day downtown Vancouver Toastmasters club.
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