Bruce Grierson to Speak at Conference

Bruce Grierson

Vancore is very proud of Bruce Grierson for seizing the opportunity to deliver a speech at the upcoming Area 96 Spring Conference education workshop. Bruce is a long-standing Vancore member and an accomplished author of “What Makes Olga Run”.


Bruce took time out to answer a few questions…

What motivated you to enter as a workshop speaker?

BG: It’s a great event, one I thought I’d like to be part of if I could make the cut. More generally, it’s a chance to step outside the familiar confines of our little club. Stage time is stage time, but stage time in front of a crowd is better because it’s harder. Stakes are higher.

What is the title of your speech? Why did you choose this subject?

BG: It’s called One Big Day. It’s a “carpe diem” message, but with a twist. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a decade — but my friend Olga inspired me to get going on it. I’m hoping to write a book about it. For the time being it’s a web-based project, but talking it up will help. 

What are you doing to prepare for the speech?

BG: I’ve workshopped parts of it here at Vancore — invaluable. Also did a run-through of the whole thing at the Advanced Leaders Lab: again, invaluable feedback that I took to heart and actually used to tweak the presentation significantly. Otherwise I do it in my head while walking the dog on the Baden Powell Trail. People see me talking to myself and give us a wide berth.

How has participating in Vancore prepared you for this point in your public speaking journey?

BG: Vancore’s been awesome. Again, it’s the repetition, just standing up and talking off the cuff every week, that’s key. As the club’s co-founder Jim Paterson used to say, “The more you come, the better you get.”

Anything else you would like to add?

BG: Toastmasters is the most undervalued thing out there. So cheap relative to the benefits. And there aren’t many people who couldn’t benefit from practicing speaking in public.

Thank you, Bruce, and all the best!

Let’s support Bruce as he takes his public speaking to the next level. Attend the Toastmasters Area 96 Spring Conference and listen to Bruce deliver his speech this Saturday, May 14th at 9 AM. Expect lots of laughs as he uses props to illustrate his points.

Register for the entire weekend Conference or just for one day. Attend for valuable education, inspiration, networking and lots of fun!

Also remember to come out to this Wednesday’s meeting to learn and practice your public speaking. You may even get to hear Bruce deliver a speech, and maybe get his autograph!

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