Speech Contest March 23rd! Q&A with Kate

Join us this Wednesday, March 23, 2016 for Vancore’s International Speech and Evaluation Contest. Listen to contestants deliver some great speeches and evaluations as they try to qualify for the district contest. You’re sure to be entertained, informed and inspired!

Kate photo-cropped

Kate Hallanzy

Kate Hallanzy, Competent Communicator and former Vancore president, was the club winner at last year’s International Speech Contest. She is returning as one of three contestant speakers on Wednesday, March 23rd, vying for a repeat winning performance. Kate took time out of her speech preparation to answer a few questions…

Q & A with Kate

What is the experience like as a contestant for the International Speech Contest?

KH: It takes you to the next level. No doubt about it. It’s initially nerve-wracking walking into a room and starting the speech. 

What do you think makes for a winning speech?

KH: It’s important to meet the goals set by the grading scheme but not make the whole process look contrived at the same time. 

What made you decide to return again as a contestant?

KH: Reduce fear. First time is always the worst but it gets easier. Also, I have something I want to say. 

Can you give us a hint of what your upcoming speech is about?

KH: The battle of our time!  

Thank you Kate for your insights, and good luck!


About Toastmasters International Speech and Evaluation Contest

A Toastmasters tradition, contests are a key component of member experience. Contests offer an opportunity for members to step outside of their comfort zone, test their skills, and receive recognition for their accomplishments both inside and outside of the club meeting environment. Competition begins with club contests and winners continue competing through the area, division and district levels.

We can’t wait to meet the contestants and judges on Wednesday at 3 pm. See you there!

About Vancore Toastmasters

Build your public speaking and leadership skills at a dynamic mid-week, mid-day downtown Vancouver Toastmasters club.
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