Communicating on TV

Hello Fellow Toastmasters and Welcomed Guests,

Our first meeting in May started off with much gusto.  Every chair was filled and we were able to give Debra J., our newest member, a boisterous welcome into the club!  It was also a pleasure to see new guests: Megan and Edward participate in the meeting.

As Chair and VP of Public Relations, Cory masterfully took charge of the basic formalities of filling in the vacant meeting roles, acknowledging the presence of each attendee, and he set the stage for a mock television interview project from the Advanced Communication Manual “Communicating on TV” .

The mock interview featured Connie as the interviewer and Susan C., the interviewee on a subject well known and championed by Susan—Toastmasters!

Another fantastic learning opportunity in Toastmasters beyond the benefits of knowing how to speak in public is becoming a skilled interview subject.  You never know when your talents may be recognized and a reporter wants to interview you on your area of expertise.   Handy area to have confidence in and another plus to joining the Vancore Toastmasters Club in Vancouver.

As Timer, Borzo had the added challenge as a crew member of the production and attended to the crucial “count in” and “cut out” timing of the vicariously staged program.

Both Jonathan and Angela gave insightful evaluations for this challenging production.

Several of the minor roles were excluded to accommodate the monthly Executive Meeting that usually takes place the first week of the month at 4:15 PM.

Mary Lou worked a 2 minute acceptance speech into an Inspiration and presided over Table Topics.  Limited to four participants, the topics were about exotic colours, resulting in much humour.

Loa spoke on the colour of “Sun-drenched Yellow”, giving us a mind picture of what it might look like to have her house painted such a vibrant yellow and how it could spark conversation around the neighborhood.  Black-haired Theo was challenged with “I Dyed My Hair Jet-black” (maybe not such a challenge?) due to a real life experience on the joys of going gray. He also shared at one time it was dyed red, just for kicks.

Megan’s table topics colour to speak on for 2 minutes was “Flamingo Pink” which she was happy to add to her wardrobe because she finds she wears a lot of dark colours.

Victor always has an interesting spin on his speeches talking about “Racing Green” through symbolization: green for envy, red is political and blue stands for sadness.

Doing these impromptu topics in front of a full house didn’t seem to faze them one little bit.  A big step in communication; congratulations to all four!

The evaluations were thoughtfully conducted on each speaker by Kate.  Oliver took charge of the ums and ahs department and was pleased to notice we’re all getting better at eliminating them.

General Evaluation of the meeting was done by Mary Lou and Cory adjourned the meeting promptly at 4:15 PM.


As the current Term ends on June 30th/12, election for the next Board of Directors consisting of: President, Vice President of Education, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Public Relations, Treasurer, Secretary and Sergeant-at-Arms is tentatively set for May 16th.

All members are welcomed to take part in the election process, which takes place during the regular meeting.

About Vancore Toastmasters

Build your public speaking and leadership skills at a dynamic mid-week, mid-day downtown Vancouver Toastmasters club.
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