Downtown Vancore Club Quoted As “Charismatic” In Toastmaster Newsletter

Summary of Wednesday’s meeting, April 25, 2012.

According to the President of Toastmasters International, Michael Notaro, DTM, VanCore’s Club is a CHARISMATIC CLUB with five of the qualifying hallmarks: Energy, Friendly, Fun, Surprise and Value.  Great article, check it out (Toastmaster newsletter, pg 2, April 2012) and proudly smile, fellow members.

Topping off this great news, Carla came first in the Division H, annual, ‘Best Evaluation Contest’, Oliver Firkins recently joined our growing club and with two months to go, we’re well on our way to Distinguished Club status.  We may even reach the Select Distinguished category in a short period of time.

Bruce chaired the final meeting in April, 2012 which commenced with a joke by Oliver, inspiration “Making Dreams a Reality” by Connie, and the word of the day “ostentatious” provided by Susan – a role not to be taken lightly as vocabulary is the catalyst of communication.  Ostentatious, an adjective, means pretentious/designed to impress or attract notice.

All three speaking spots were filled by: Victor whose CC#3 speech took us deep into the history of wars up to the current atomic warfare.  A valuable evaluation was given by Dena.  Second speaker, Mary Lou practiced a five minute profession related presentation and benefited greatly by critiques given by the champion of evaluations, Carla.  The hallmark of Carla’s success in evaluation is her razor-sharp ability to focus on listening, and articulating the subject/performance/delivery in an encouraging, supportive and helpful manner.

Susan gave an impromptu on the DC Program, the Competent Leader Manual and the monthly Toastmasters magazine.  She was expertly evaluated by Connie.

Table Topics were diligently prepared by Angela but unfortunately there was time only for three participants:  Theo took on favorite tourist spots in Vancouver—he also evaluated the T/T session.  Oliver’s topic was on life without financial worries; not only did he deliver the joke he also took care of timing.  Our newest guest, David L., bravely gave a controversial spin on social media.

Amidst thoroughly monitoring  ums, ahs and filler words, Carla was given a well earned round of applause for her outstanding performance  at the Division Evaluation Contest, held on April 21st.

General Evaluation was open to all to take part in.   Bruce adjourned the meeting precisely at 4:30 PM.

A delightful and inspiring meeting, as always.

About Vancore Toastmasters

Build your public speaking and leadership skills at a dynamic mid-week, mid-day downtown Vancouver Toastmasters club.
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